Top Tips For Taking Care Of Your Tennis Lawn Court

The philosophy behind lawn care might be changing.

A growing movement has emerged that is a very vocal proponent of rewilding, which focuses less on mowing and lawn maintenance and more on creating a natural habitat in your garden that attracts all manner of beautiful wildlife.

One major exception to this trend of rewilding involves sports fields, and especially tennis courts. In order for a game to even be possible, a tennis court needs to be well maintained, otherwise, it not only looks rough and affects the bounce of balls but can also be a safety hazard.

Here are some top tips for taking care of your grass court.

Mow Extremely Regularly

Ignore any no-mow movements when it comes to tennis courts you plan to actively use. In order to maintain a playing service that is suitable for playing tennis, you need to mow the court at least twice a week.

As well as this, make sure you water the grass after you finish playing each time you use the court to ensure your hard-wearing tennis grass seeds keep growing.

Keep Planting And Replanting

The nightmare of any court owner is brown grass, as it is not only unsightly but also dangerous. Keep fertilising your grass and mowing, keeping your grass short but strong and healthy.

Tennis grass is harder than most types of grass, but it takes a lot of abuse so it needs to be taken care of.

Use A Ballast Roller

Compacting grass and soil is not recommended for standard lawns as it can damage the topsoil. However, it is a necessity with a tennis court to keep the court firm.

Use a ballast roller at least once a week to keep the surface compacted.

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