Tips To Care For Your Lawn This Winter

Winter is a good time to let your lawn rest and rejuvenate, ready for the next year’s activities. If possible, try and avoid too much foot traffic, as this will cause damage to the grass, especially in wet and cold weather. However, there are some steps you can take to keep things ticking over nicely until spring.

Rake up leaves and debris

Fallen leaves prevent sunlight and moisture from reaching the grass, so rake them up regularly. Bag them up to make leaf mould, which can be used to make seed-sowing compost when it is well rotted. Alternatively, it can be mixed with good quality soil to make a garden compost. If you don’t want to do this, put the cleared leaves in your green bin.

Trim the grass in mild weather

If the winter is mild, with persistent temperatures above 5°c, then the grass will keep on growing. To keep the lawn looking tidy, raise the blades on your mower by 2-4cm and give it a trim. If you leave the blades at summer height, you might damage the turf.

Make a path

If you need access across the lawn, to a garden room or pond for example, lay stepping stones or build a path to avoid compacting the soil. Once the ground becomes overly muddy and trampled underfoot, it not only looks unsightly, but it may develop bald patches.

Look out for mould, moss and algae

Wet winter conditions can encourage unwanted moss and fungal growth on your lawn. If not dealt with, they could spread and even overtake the entire lawn. Check regularly for signs of growth. If you have a regular moss problem, consider putting down a control treatment in early autumn, and repeat the process in early spring.

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