Protect Your Lawn From Snow

The UK has already experienced its fair share of snow this season, with much of the country greeted by heavy snowfall earlier this week. As the weather forecast is predicting temperatures will drop even more over the next few days, it is essential you know how to protect your lawn from the white stuff. 

According to the Met Office, as a result of cold air from the North Sea meeting milder air from the Atlantic, there is likely to be more snow and sleet over the next ten days. 

Consequently, it has issued yellow warnings for ice, with 80 per cent chance of severe cold and heavy snow before the weekend. 

“Some roads and railways [are] likely to be affected by ice and perhaps snow, resulting in longer journey times,” it stated.

The Mirror also reported Netweather predicting temperatures will drop as low as -8C in Scotland and -2C in England and Wales.

Jo Farrow, senior forecaster from Netweather, said: “It’s going to turn colder and there is a bit of snow in the forecast for the next few days.”

Therefore, if you have recently had organic lawn seed mix sown in your garden, it is important to protect it against the frost, snow and ice. 

Snow can lead to ‘fusarium’, otherwise known as snow mould, which is something new lawns are particularly vulnerable to. 

Capital Gardens warns this can kill grass plants and result in straw-coloured marks on the lawn, which are able to spread. 

It advised avoiding scraping snow from the path or driveway on to the lawn and walking on to the grass, impacting the snow. It is also important to clear away snowmen once they are finished with and treat any case of snow mould in the spring.

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