How To Look After Your Garden Lawn

The warm weather has meant that many people are spending much more time in their gardens, and while gardeners may pay more attention to plants and flowers, it’s important to remember the lawn needs some love too.

From maintaining the lawn to stopping weeds from growing, we have a look at a few tips to keep your lawn looking green and lush.

The simplest method of maintaining your lawn is to regularly mow the grass. Mowing the lawn will encourager thick grass to grow, and will deter weeds from sprouting.

Pay attention to any moss that may have made its home on your lawn, and seek out suitable ways to deal with it.

During the warmer spring and summer months, your lawn will also benefit from being fed. Choose a lawn fertiliser, and ensure you follow the manufacturer’s instructions to keep your law looking verdant and weed-free.

No one wants a patchy, dry, and brown lawn, so ensure it gets enough water to flourish. It might not be always necessary to water the lawn, but it might benefit from it in some cases.

According to the Royal Horticultural Society, if you do need to water the lawn and maintain a green sward, water the lawn when the soil becomes dry, but before the grass turns yellow and brown.

If the ground is very hard, aerate it by spiking with a garden fork before watering, to aid water penetration.

Aim to water the lawn once a week to every ten days, and ensure the water reaches a depth of around 10cm/four inches after each watering.

At the height of summer, you need around 20 litres per square metre/square yard every seven days.

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