How To Improve Your Lawn Without Hurting The Environment

Being eco-aware is more than just a buzzword, and we all know how important it is to reduce our emissions and be mindful of how we impact the environment, as well as to ‘reduce, reuse, and recycle’.

Your lawn absorbs and filters runoff, provides oxygen, traps dust, and prevents erosion. However, lawn care can sometimes come at a high cost to the environment. Thankfully, many practices can help reduce your impact on the environment. As autumn approaches, and the best time to renovate your lawn, we have some tips to help.

First, you should get your soil tested to ensure you do not use too much fertiliser and apply the correct formulation. It is important to know what you are starting with before you make any adjustments to your soil.

A controlled-release fertiliser can feed your lawn a little at a time, and reduce the nutrients leaching into the soil before the grass can use it. Well-balanced soil will improve the health of your lawn.

Choose the correct grass for your lawn. There are many varieties of grass, but some are dependant on the environment in which they grow. The soil type, shade tolerance, wear tolerance are all factors that will influence your selection.

Mow often but not too short. Mowing too short will not decrease mowing frequency and can increase the appearance of weeds. Also, by mowing the grass too short, the soil will be more easily dried out by sunlight, increasing your water needs.

Don’t throw your grass clippings, and instead mulch the cuttings and leave them on your lawn as they will provide much-needed nutrients and organic matter, reducing your fertiliser needs.

Instead of watering frequently, water deeply. Allow your garden to dry out before watering, as it encourages roots to go deeper, and helps plants become more drought tolerant and improves hardiness. Avoid watering at the hottest time of day, morning or early evening is best.

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