Grass Clippings Can Save Your Lawn During Heatwave

The recent extreme temperatures during the heatwave have had Brits a bit out of sorts, with disrupted sleep, and drained of energy during the day while sweltering at work. It’s not been great for our lawns either, but there are ways to help prevent your lawn from drying out.

The lack of rain and the scorching heat has left our lawns looking dried out and patchy, and our plants wilted, and we have a look at some tips to help protect your garden, from common mistakes, garden watering schedules, and how to make use of grass clippings.

Ensure mower cutting blades are not too low

It is a common mistake by most gardeners, but by setting the blades too low on your mower, and cutting the grass too short, you are removing much of its food supply, which it needs to survive in the hot dry conditions.

In turn, this removes the protection for the earth and soil underneath, causing it to dry out and crack open.

Recycle Grass Clippings

Your grass clippings are an excellent source of feed and nutrients for your lawn. Grass clippings have a high water content, and break down efficiently and quickly, and will give your lawn a healthy look all year round and prevent damage during periods of unusual weather conditions.

Simply leave the clippings on the ground when you mow, as it will act as mulch and help to reduce water evaporating from the soil below.


Avoid the temptation to get the garden hose out at the hottest times of day, between 11 am and 4 pm, as it could lead to the lawn losing water too quickly, ultimately drying it out. Instead, water the lawn and your plants early in the morning or in the evening when it is much cooler.

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