4 Tips For Frosty Lawn Care

The winter means you may often wake to find your lawn is covered in a blanket of frost, but to avoid causing damage to your garden, we have looked at four common mistakes to avoid during frosty weather.

It can be tempting to walk out onto the frost and snow, but walking on your lawn while it is frosty can cause damage that will last the rest of the year if you’re not careful. Frost can cause the grass to become rigid and brittle, meaning it can become easily damaged. Here are our top mistakes to avoid this winter:

1. Never walk on a frosty lawn

As mentioned, the crunch of a frosty lawn on a still winter’s morning can be tempting. But frozen blades of grass can split or break when walked on, and when the garden comes alive again in spring, your grass could look yellowed, brown or dead. Don’t walk on the lawn until the frost is thawed.

2. Don’t build a snowman on the lawn

It seems the only thing to do following a heavy snowfall, is build a snowman! However, a build-up of heavy snow on one part of your grass will create the perfect conditions for fungal diseases like Fusarium patch, also known as snow mould, to develop and it can cause your grass to become yellow, brown, or if left long enough, it could kill it.

3. Should you mow your lawn if it’s frosty?

When temperatures drop below 5ºC, your lawn will stop growing, and mowing during the winter months will not be needed. You should only mow your lawn when the conditions are favourable, dry, and warmer than 5ºC.

4. Sweep fallen leaves

Winter lawn care includes periodically sweeping up fallen leaves and any debris from your grass surface using a light rake or brush. Wet leaves on your lawn add an extra layer of moisture which saturates the grass underneath which can lead to lawn diseases such as Fusarium Patch.

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