3 Tips To Get Your Lawn Summer Ready

As spring progresses, we can look forward to spending more time outdoors and in our gardens. While the grass begins to grow faster, it is not always the case that your lawn will look lush and green after the ravages of winter. Here are some tips to administer some TLC to your lawn, and get it in great shape for the season ahead.

1. Remove patches of moss

Moss growth is common after winter, when the wet and overcast conditions help it to flourish. If it is not dealt with, it can create unsightly patches, and damage the growth of healthy grass. The first line of control is to rake up the moss.

If this is not enough to get rid of it, try using a moss killer containing sulphate of iron, which is considered least harmful to the environment. The moss will gradually blacken, and can be raked up. The grass may then require a dose of fertiliser to bring it back to optimal condition.

2. Mow on a high setting

At this time of year, the grass is starting to grow faster, but cutting it too short can damage it. Give your lawnmower a service, including sharpening and oiling the blades, and putting them on a higher setting. Choose a nice dry day, and give the lawn the first trim of the season. A weekly mowing session will keep it looking tidy from now until autumn.

3. Seed and feed

Spring is an ideal time to address any poor-quality or bare patches on your lawn with fertiliser and re-seeding. The consistently higher temperatures and longer days will aid the growing process. To sow grass seeds, till over the surface soil, and rake the seeds into the surface. If the weather is going through a dry spell, water the ground gently every 7 days.

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